I’m excited to bring you this exciting opportunity for local and regional authors – a space for you to write! The goal of the program is to not only give writers a place to work, but also give them casual visibility to customers.

The mezzanine level room will be turned into a Writers Room. On the wall outside the room will be an explanation of the room’s purpose. On the shelves closest to the door will be books on writing for customers to browse, ranging from books on craft to books on the research aspects of writing.
The back half will be dedicated to the Writer-in-Residence space, featuring a desk and reference books for a writer to have a free place to write. Also available will be an area for you to set out your books and swag. Books would be rung up on our register, with the store getting the usual 40% commission. Writers can use space for free for a limited number of hours a week in exchange for us getting this percentage of book sales and also answering any questions customers might have.

We might also have an official time slot that’s advertised ahead of time (such and such author will be here Sat 2-4 etc) and those would be vetted and paid slots since the author would be getting added publicity–kind of like a booksigning on steroids.

Rules and parameters (though these are still a work-in-progress):

  1. The space is available for those who have purchased a membership
  2. Members must reserve the space using the reservation link
  3. Two time slots a day are allotted (except on ArtWalk days and holidays) and members can reserve up to two slots a week
  4. Having a sheet showing peak busy times so if you’re one that doesn’t want to be disturbed by customers, you know when to come (we won’t know this data until we’ve been open for at least a month)
  5. Have a sign up that says to customers, “If earbuds in, do not disturb writer”
  6. No active selling. Meaning, you can’t just come and stand in your area and accost any customer, trying to sell your book. Or worse, tell a customer not to buy whatever they picked up elsewhere in the store, saying it’s awful, and then pimp yours. This has happened at our store, otherwise it never would have even occurred to me someone would do this. It’s meant to be more of a passive venue–a place like Starbucks where you can write and if someone approaches YOU, great.

I know this wouldn’t be ideal for every writer, so if you’re someone who doesn’t typically go to Starbucks to write, or must have complete silence and be 100% undisturbed, you’re not my target audience for this program.