As an author myself, I know how hard it can be to get into a bookstore! I’m excited to be able to provide that opportunity to you, whether you write romance, or dramatic space battles, or non-fiction!

Our consignment program is an agreement between you, the author, and The Haunted Book Shop and participation in the program means you agree with the guidelines below:

The Haunted Book Shop will:

    1. Place your book for sale in our store in the section that most closely fits your book(s) and/or in the section in the writer’s room designated as the Members section
    2. Track sales of your book using our computerized inventory system. We will only pay for items that were sold through this system.
  1. Call or email you when we need more copies.
  2. Issue payment via check twice a year (end of January and end of July), or once we’ve sold 5 copies (whichever comes first). In other words, if you sell 5 within a month, we’ll pay you after selling the 5th, but if by January or July you’ve only sold 1-4, we’ll pay you then for those. We can also send you payment via Paypal if you prefer, but the Paypal fee will need to be paid by you.
  3. Remove your books from sale after 1 year unless it’s continuing to sell well and both you and The Haunted Book Shop agree to extend the consignment.
    Note: We will contact you at the end of your 1 year consignment period, but it is your responsibility to pick up any unsold books at that time. Any books left beyond the consignment period will be disposed of by The Haunted Book Shop. We will only pay you for books that are sold. Damaged or stolen items are your sole financial responsibility.

If you would like The Haunted Book Shop to carry your book on consignment, you must agree to:

  1. Leave between 2 and 5 copies for sale at The Haunted Book Shop. Alternatively, you can mail them to us.
  2. Accept standard 60/40 publishing industry terms, unless you are a current member of our Author Program, in which case the terms are 70/30. Meaning, we will pay 60% of the retail price to the author and keep 40%.
  3. Offer your book at the same retail price through all outlets (including copies you might sell yourself).
  4. Add The Haunted Book Shop to your list of places to purchase the book in promotional materials and link to our website, if you have one: As the publisher, marketing is in your hands.
  5. Pick up any unsold copies of your book at the end of the 1 year consignment, understanding that any books left past that time will be disposed of by the us.
  6. Pay a $25 non-refundable handling fee for each title taken on consignment. We will waive the fee if you are a member of our author program or for current members of one of the following organizations: Mobile Writers Guild, Pensters, Romance Writers of America, The International Organization of Multi-Published Novelists (NINC), Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, SIBA, International Thriller Writers, Horror Writers Association, or any other professional writing organization (subject to store approval)
  7. Accept that we will donate to a non-profit organization those books left by authors more than a month after authors have been contacted to pick up their book(s).
  8. Correspond with us regarding consignment via email. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that we always have a current email address/phone number during the consignment period.
  9. Pay all shipping charges, if mailing them to us, or if, alternatively at the end of the consignment period you’d like us to send unsold books back to you.
  10. Accept that damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the author.
  11. Download our consignment form at the bottom of this page.

Note: The Haunted Book Shop reserves the right to refuse any book proffered for consignment deemed unsuitable for sale in the store. Quality is important to us, so if your book is poorly edited or the cover is pixelated/grainy, or otherwise presents a poor reading experience for our customers, we reserve the right to not carry your book. Also, obviously, if the content is racist, promotes hate, and/or contains other content that isn’t suitable to being a decent human being, we reserve the right to not carry it. Sorry, not sorry.

Download our Consignment Form and either mail it with your books or bring it with your books to our store