A bookstore is a vital component to the cultural makeup of a vibrant downtown. The Haunted Book Shop plans to continue providing this component to the downtown business community as well as becoming a hub for literary activities. To that end, here’s a taste of what the store hopes to offer to writers:

  • Writing workshops/lectures. Paid admission for attendees. These will range from one to multi-week workshops drawing on the talent from the region. Topics will range from writing craft to the business and marketing side of being an author.
  • Book signings. Most book signings, except for bigger name authors, will be a multi-author event held once a month or once a quarter, depending on volume. Anyone who had a book released within the last 30 days is welcome to be a part of the signing (sign up required to ensure space)
  • Readings during LoDa Art Walk. During the second Fridays of each month, the reader lounge area on the second floor will host an open mic night for any writer or poet to read their work for a max of 10 minutes
  • Writer-in-Residence. Free and paid options available. The mezzanine level (half-way up the stairs) will be a writer room, featuring books for writers in the customer-facing portion (ranging from craft books to research and inspiration) as well as a desk with access to WiFi, printer, and a Keurig for writers to use this as a place to write, subject to the Writer-in-Residence rules and restrictions.
  • Genre Chats. Paid admission for attendees. Once a quarter or month, the store will have a genre chat, with a different genre each time (Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Thriller, etc) with a panel of writers for that genre (local and/or out-of-town). Each author gets 10 minutes to introduce themselves and do a reading if they want.
  • Signed Books. A place to send fans for autographed copies of their books
  • Consignment program. Indie writers will now be able to have their books carried in the store on consignment, with 40% to bookstore and 60% to author if sold. Up to 5 copies per title per author.
  • Writer Membership Program. Benefits to members for the low cost of $10/year.

We are open to ideas! Our goal is to hopefully foster the store as a destination spot for out-of-town writers, while also creating a successful business model so that downtown can continue to have a bookstore.


If you’re an author with bookmarks, posters or other swag, you can send it to:

The Haunted Book Shop
109 Dauphin St.
Mobile, AL 36602